Finding couples counseling online or marriage counseling online can be extra complex when you or your partner travel for work or live apart.

We understand. We can provide secure video sessions whether you and your partner are traveling or are connecting in from different places in the world.

Contact us here to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation for couples counseling online or marriage counseling online.

FAQS about online relationship counseling:

Do you provide Skype Couple’s Counseling?

We do provide secure online video sessions for relationships. However, since Skype is not a secure platform, we provide a secure, confidential platform for you and your partner.

Do you provide couples counseling long distance?

Yes, we do. We know that there are a lot of different relationship situations. If you or your partner is a resident of California, we can work with you.

Do you provide online family therapy?

Our speciality is couples and relationships. We often find when there are conflicts in the family dynamic, getting the couple or the partnership inline can impact the entire family system. We can also help smooth tensions between parents and adult children.

What if I don’t live in California, but am looking for a therapist who can provide online couple’s therapy?

Contact us today, we have a large network of relationship experts from around the country, and the world that we can easily connect you with once we know more about your situation.