Couples Counseling


Help for desperate couples

Do you ever look at an old photo of you and your partner and wonder what happened to the happy people you used to be? Do you wonder how it’s possible to love a person so much you don’t want to live without them AND at the same time you are so hurt and angry that you don’t know how you can keep living with them?

It is a hopeless, discouraging place to be.

You’ve tried everything you know to fix the growing distance between you and your love, and it’s not getting better. The options available seem to be

1- keep going on like this and let the distance and divide keep expanding and put yourself at risk for the breakup and divorce you see all around you, or

2- each do your own thing, keep trying on your own things that don’t work and feeling frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed and start to question whether you can really get back to where you want to be, or

3- end this relationship and go back into the crazy world of dating that doesn’t look even remotely better or,

Do something completely out of the box- try counseling. You find yourself searching “marriage counseling near me” or “couples therapist.” And that brought you to us. But you are left thinking- how do I choose a couple’s therapist? Who can I really trust? How do I know if they can really help?

We can help.

We are more than caring people, more than just great therapists, we are relationship experts. Our priority is helping you heal the distance between you and your partner and fall in love again. Our goal is to help you create a relationship that’s closer and more fulfilling than ever. We want you to look back at those old photos and think “I’m so glad we stayed together! We were happy then, but the best was yet to come.”

We don’t want you to stay another week in despair and loneliness. We don’t want you to have that same fight over and over until you give up on each other. You and your partner deserve better. We want you to experience the satisfaction of knowing you did everything you could to save your relationship, to fight for yourself and your partner. And we want you to walk away from our work together smiling and holding hands, experiencing the lightness of letting go of the breath you’ve been holding for months or even years, confident that you’ve got this and you’re in it together.

Contact us today to schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation for couple’s counseling in Riverside, CA. Are you out of the area, or do you and your partner travel for work? Learn more about online couple’s counseling here.