Job Description

Inland Empire Couples Counseling (IECC) is looking for a part-time licensed therapist (associates accepted with 2000+ hours) to join our expanding private practice and work 15-20 hours per week. This position is perfect for you if you want the benefits of working in private practice without the stress and responsibility of being a business owner. If you’ve been working in a managed-care setting and are discouraged because the opportunities to work with couples are few and far between, we might be just the place you’ve been hoping for!

If you love working with couples, we want to meet you! This is not the job for someone who will tolerate couples if they have to, this is a job for someone who is excited and energized by the challenge of providing excellent couples therapy.

Benefits of working with us:

IECC is a private practice. You get the freedom of scheduling your own appointments and giving your clients an excellent, warm, personal experience from start to finish. Your clients get to build a relationship with you without the go-between of a scheduling or billing department. Often you will be alone in the office but you’re never without the support of the IECC team. We meet in person quarterly, have regular virtual check-ins, and are available for professional collaboration and support when you need it. You’ll get to come to work in a professionally designed space in a quiet building of other professional offices.

IECC is a cash-pay practice. This means that you don’t have the headaches of worrying about whether insurance will reimburse for what a couple really needs. You don’t need to think about documenting for medical necessity; you simply document your great clinical interventions and outcomes. You get to use your best clinical judgement to capture what matters in your notes and to use your clients’ meaningful language in their treatment plans. Working for IECC means we bring you clients that are motivated to change and that you get to jump right in to build rapport and bring hope to them in the first session. You might be fearful of whether you could attract and maintain a caseload of fee-for-service clients, we aren’t. If you are great at what you do, we will handle the rest.

IECC is a paperless office. You get to do scheduling and documentation through an electronic health record. Your client files can be accessed securely online or through an app at anytime and from anywhere. Your clients fill out their intake paperwork online and you get a chance to review it before you have them sitting in front of you. You won’t have to put your appointments in two calendars or come down to the office to add a note to a file or to access client contact information securely. You have the reassurance of knowing that your clients’ information is secure, and you get to work in an office that isn’t cluttered with stacks of files and walls of file cabinets. We encourage collaborative documentation so that you’re not always ‘catching up’ on notes. If you’re unfamiliar with electronic record keeping, collaborative documentation, or strategies to keep you at the forefront of therapeutic excellence but willing to learn, we’d love to teach you! We want you to experience the joy and freedom of keeping your documentation done all the time and doing fulfilling, rewarding clinical work.

IECC has an encouraging, positive office culture. We don’t want you wasting your time in never-ending staff meetings when we can send a quick text or video message to accomplish the same thing. We’d like you to be comfortable with direct communication and straightforward conflict management. You’re right for us if you’re the kind of person who will speak up and ask for help when you find yourself a week behind on notes instead of waiting until we have to bring you in for ‘a talk’ when we notice you’re 3 months behind. We like getting problems solved efficiently so that we can spend our time together in creative collaboration on client issues, finding a good work-life balance, and helping you be the excellent therapist you want to be.

About You:

You have a passion for providing excellent couples therapy and are willing to tackle hard cases and seek consultation when needed. You have training or have been doing tons of in-depth self-study in a research-backed couples therapy model: EFT, Gottman, RLT, etc. and you want more and to dive even deeper. Or, you have a process that you use with couples that you have tracked that has consistently provided exemplary outcomes that stand out from the rest.

You are willing to contribute to community outreach and education. The wonderful couples you want to work with need a way to get to know you, and we want to provide excellent information to our community. Your contributions will be a bio about yourself for our website, blog posts, short videos, or a training opportunity in the community. The specifics will be negotiated based on our need, your experience, and your comfort level. We don’t anticipate this will take much of your time; you could write one blog post every 3 months, for example. Check out sample blog posts here: and some of our videos here:

Bonus: experience working with addictions, faith issues, LGBTQ couples, ADHD in couples, and/or sex therapy.

If you read this job description and felt excited and energized, send over your resume! Resumes and inquiries can be directed to Please also include some type of cover letter introducing yourself. We don’t want a standard, professional cover letter. Let us meet you, the real you; send a video or include a photo. Tell us what your pie-in-the-sky hope is for your specialization and life’s work. If you have expertise working with a unique client population, please tell us! We want to know who you are and who you like to work with so that we can help bring those couples in for you to help.